A note from Sophia

Welcome to Pangbourne House. As a mother myself, I understand how daunting the prospect is of taking a child to nursery for the first time.

In order to gain your confidence in us at Pangbourne House, I wish you to know your help will be vital to us as we learn the best ways to further your child’s development.

Nursery headteacher I understand how important it is that we learn from you about your child and all that has occurred in your child’s life so far.

I hope the parents of the children at Pangbourne House will feel as valued as their children are made to feel.

It is my wish to develop a perfect understanding of what your aspirations are for your child whilst attending Pangbourne House, and I welcome you to the happy times ahead.


Pangbourne House is a safe world for children to explore and be themselves. Our Pangbourne children and teachers follow the three principles of our caring code:

Be kind and gentle
Listen well
Use your words

Which leads us to all the positive qualities in life; compassion, respect for others, a wish to know more and a love of looking outwards into the world.


Our curriculum includes the Montessori method complemented by the Early Years Foundation Stage guidance and our unique Creative Studio.


The Montessori method encourages the child to enjoy the process of learning. It does not introduce the competitive drive of other curricula and yet leads each child to develop their full potential. The ‘failure to keep up’ approach is avoided by the thorough observations that the teachers make.


We believe that the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance complements the Montessori method. It understands the importance of giving a child a holistic education and the recognition that young children need to learn through practical experiences rather than being taught.


It is our belief that instigating creative learning at an early age encourages imaginative thinking throughout childhood and beyond. The implementation of creativity into early years education encourages the child’s understanding of other people.

Register for Pangbourne House

Montessori Nursery School

For children from 2 1/2 years old.
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Pre-Pangbourne House

Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, with current students having priority.

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Little Pangbourne

Wednesday Stay & Play From 6 months to 2+

Art Start

Friday art activities for 18 months +

Ofsted Report

March 2018

Hire Our Hall

We have a large, beautiful, light hall measuring approximately 80m2 which we rent out for children’s birthday parties.

Available Saturday and Sunday